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    Lisa Jones Pilates
    bespoke Pilates in Greenwich Village since 2009

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About Lisa

Lisa JonesLisa Jones brings a strong passion for movement to her teaching. A pilates specialist with over 25 years of professional experience in the New York City dance and fitness communities, Lisa is committed to sharing her love of fitness and wellness with others. Her background in competitive running, Martha Graham Technique, ballet, yoga, pilates, traditional fitness, and Gyrotonic® enables her to draw from a varied toolbox of movement experiences and vocabularies.

She has trained in classical and contemporary pilates since 1995, earning her STOTT Pilates® Full Certification in 2002, with specialties in Athletic Conditioning and Post-Rehab Conditioning, and regularly pursues continuing education from leaders in the classical pilates field. Lisa holds a Pre/Post-Natal Pilates Specialist™ certification from The Center for Women’s Fitness, and certified as a Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in order to provide select clients with holistic nutrition, wellness and lifestyle guidance.

With a BA from New York University's Gallatin School of Individualized Study, Lisa's combined studies of Psychology and The Arts give her a unique insight into people — their hearts, minds, and process — that enriches her teaching and has led to a loyal and eclectic following from both coasts and overseas.

Known for her attention to detail and form, musicality, and deep kinesthetic sense, Lisa trains numerous professional "bodies" -- models, performers, and athletes -- and prides herself on mentoring some of NYC's finest up-and-coming pilates instructors. An exceptional motivator, Lisa believes strongly in the power of the mind-body connection to increase health and wellness, maximize body awareness, and gain full enjoyment of one’s life. Working with you individually to identify your goals and priorities, Lisa uses her skills as a teacher, healer, and coach to help you train your body to its full potential. Expect to feel not only the benefits of pilates — stronger/longer muscles, powerful core support, deeper breathing and relaxation, and improved posture and flexibility — but also an increased sense of well-being and body confidence following your sessions with Lisa.

What makes my approach towards pilates unique is my emphasis on awareness and self-empowerment through exercise. Our training process will teach you to respect and care for your body as we work to achieve your goals. Safe instruction, proper form and pacing, and individually-tailored programs that educate are the hallmarks of my practice. Using my years of experience with pilates and other disciplines, I encourage you to have fun and explore your body’s potential as we work towards your personal best. Pilates in its purest form is much more than a series of physical exercises — it is a lifestyle. I aim to help you take your pilates experience out of the studio and into your everyday life.


" The mind, when housed within a healthful body, possesses a glorious sense of power. "

Joseph Pilates

" Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness. "

Joseph Pilates

" Pilates is designed to give you suppleness, natural grace and skill that will be unmistakably reflected in the way you walk, play and work. "

Joseph Pilates

" You are only as young as your spine is flexible. "

Joseph Pilates


Lisa Jones Pilates is a fully-equipped boutique studio specializing in private and duet pilates instruction. Located near Union Square at the intersection of Greenwich Village, West Village, Chelsea, and Flatiron neighborhoods, the studio provides a private and serene setting in which to enjoy pilates. All sessions are taught on classical apparatus built according to Joseph Pilates’ specifications. Lisa Jones Pilates prioritizes high-quality, results-driven workouts in an environment conducive to the mind-body experience.

Prices and Policies

Private Sessions

  • Single Session $225
  • 5-Pack $1100
  • 10-Pack $2150
  • 20-Pack $4100

Duet (per person)

  • Single Session $150
  • 10-Pack $1400
*Services are subject to a 4.5% NYC sales tax
*Payment is accepted via cash, Zelle, personal check, and all major credit cards
*Packages expire one year from date of purchase
*Packages and sessions are non-refundable and non-transferable
*All sessions are subject to a 24 hour cancellation/rescheduling policy
*Professional discount offered to certified movement professionals, subject to availability



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“I finally found a workout that made me want to wake up early.“

~ Ella Riley-Adams, Senior Living & Beauty Editor,
  VOGUE Magazine

“Lisa’s training is changing my body in ways the gym never achieved.”

~ Frank, designer

“Excellent instructor, zen-like space. I’ve been training with Lisa for almost 3 years and she has really helped me with my chronic back issues.”

~ Jerry, MD, MBA

"Lisa is astoundingly knowledgeable about bodies. She has helped me heal injuries, release locked muscles, and realign my body. She is as much a healer as she is a fitness coach. Best of all, she has a great sense of humor and has exactly the right mix of tough love and sympathetic understanding. Best of all, it’s fun!"

~ Quinn, banker

"I've been working with Lisa for 8 months and she changed my body in a way I couldn't imagine! As a model, being slim but toned, having balance and strength is really important. She helped me prepare my body for some very important modeling jobs and helps me so much with my back problem and my posture. She is extremely attentive and nice and will always make sure you feel good during your workout."

~ Mathilde, model

"To me, Lisa Jones Pilates is a gift to every body—literally. Whether you are a fit 25 years or (like me) 79 and working on strength and balance, Lisa zeroes in on working with you to maximize your potential…and enjoy yourself while getting stronger, straighter, and steadier."

~ Barbara, media consultant

"I am so thankful to have Lisa as my Pilates mentor and teacher. Working with her after receiving my Pilates certification has offered me greater detail and precision to my own teaching and practice. She welcomes questions and provides a comfortable, nurturing environment for all of her students, and her respect and accuracy of the Pilates method always offer a true, challenging session. Lisa understands the beautiful pairing of Pilates and dance: she has improved my balance, strength, and alignment. I always leave her studio with a boosted energetic mind and body!"

~ Jenny, professional dancer
and pilates instructor

"Lisa makes every workout unique, so I never get bored or angry. I hate gyms and working out in general, but Lisa teaches Pilates in a way that totally delights me in a bright studio that lifts my mood and makes me want to work out. I swear, there is no better Pilates instructor anywhere in New York than Lisa Jones."

~ Barbara, author

"I’ve been taking pilates classes for years and years and have never found anyone as knowledgeable, intuitive, and motivating as Lisa. She manages to customize each session to what my body and mind need that day and I always leave feeling centered and divine. But what I love most is that she starts each session with “How are you?” and means it. Try her–you will be hooked on pilates and hooked on Lisa."

~ Dana, fashion designer

"If you’re looking for a pilates instructor who really knows her stuff, Lisa is the one! She will challenge you but make sure you are working out safely. She has an excellent knowledge of anatomy and physiology and is fun to work with."

~ Geraldine, radiologist

"Lisa is the first Pilates instructor I’ve had, but I can’t imagine ever finding a better one. I can’t afford one-on-one classes on a regular basis, so I was hoping to learn techniques I could use in mat classes or videos at home. She was so helpful, especially with clear explanations about concepts that had eluded me in my previous attempts to do Pilates on my own. Highly recommended!"

~ Daniel, freelance writer

"I have been training with Lisa for my upcoming wedding and am in the best shape ever. I am an avid runner and was convinced that there was no other exercise to give me that “high” that was so addicting after a long run. Lisa gives me an incredible workout, which has completely strengthened and toned my entire body in ways that running could not. I recommend her highly if you want a total body workout. She is an amazing teacher!"

~ Elizabeth, social worker

"Lisa is an amazing Pilates instructor. I first started private Pilates sessions about five years ago and have worked with several different instructors over that time. Lisa was my first instructor, and from now on will be the only instructor I will work with! What sets Lisa apart from the rest is her enthusiasm and knowledge of Pilates. She watches your every move to ensure you are getting the most from your workout and she delivers solid results."

~ Aimee, marketing specialist

"Lisa’s dedication and insights are phenomenal. She is patient and often seems more in tune with my body’s needs than I am. I’ve seen tremendous improvement in my core strength and in how my body feels and functions overall. The best side effect has been the greater range of possibilities that are now available to me in other areas of my life–a yoga headstand? No problem! Thank you tons!"

~ Natasha, nutritionist

"I am a golfer. I came to Lisa to accomplish specific performance goals, but Lisa has helped me achieve much more. She shows me how to work on strengths and weaknesses I was never even aware of. She's helped me listen to my body. It's this skill that allows me to improve at the right intensity and enjoy the activities I love, injury-free, throughout my lifetime."

~ Yvette, trader


Hours by appointment only. Please call or email to schedule a session or complete the form below.

39 West 14th Street
(between Fifth and Sixth Avenues)
Suite 203
New York, NY 10011

Phone : (212) 387-8580